Install Like a Pro

Installation of a security system is typically very simple especially if you've set yourself up for success by following the simple steps we've outlined. We have prepared a step-by-step overview of the installation process, including several tips that will both save you time and help improve your system's performance.

1. Choose camera locations

Pick the locations you want to view high theft areas, doors, cash registers, loading docks, inventory storage areas anywhere you want watchful eyes.

2. Mount cameras

This takes just a few minutes with our MB-14 universal mounting brackets. The MB-14 is easy to install on drop ceiling t-rails, drywall or paneling.

3. Install lens

Simply screw on the lens. Many of our video security systems come complete with a 2 to 12mm zoom lens, which makes it easy to get the exact camera view you want.

4. Connect camera cables

Our systems come with an all-in-one video and power cable. With drop ceilings found in most modern commercial buildings, running this single cable is very easy.

5. Connect processor or DVR

Connect the other end of the cable to your processor or DVR. Connect the power supplies to the video cables.

6. Make final adjustments

Connect the cable from the processor or DVR to the monitor and connect the power cables. Power up the system and make final lens and camera angle adjustments.