PRO-TECH CCTV security solutions deals with the supply and installation of CCTV security cameras and CCTV camera accessories in Bangladesh for home and business.

PRO-TECH is the best choice for your CCTV surveillance solutions. Dealing with top brands of CCTV cameras, we gives very smooth, high-quality play back with very good remote access. We offer a wide variety of CCTV cameras and Digital Video Recorders (DVR). We also have IP based CCTV systems and easy install wireless security camera systems. We provide CCTV systems to a wide range of industries including universities, hotels & restaurants, shops, offices  and villas.

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PRO-TECH provides a wide variety of high quality network IP cameras / wireless IP cameras which can be used in home and business applications. IP cameras send and receive data through a network. IP cameras can be viewed and controlled remotely through internet.

While centralized IP cameras require a Network Video Recorder (NVR) , decentralized IP cameras do not require a NVR. Decentralized IP cameras have an in-built recording functionality.

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Access Control Systems

access control systems.Our access control systems range from small door systems to large networked systems with many entry points. Our access control systems include Biometric access control like face recognition access control, fingerprint access control  and card access control systems.

We provide Time attendance sytems that operate with biometrics (face recognition time attendance / fingerprint time attendance), cards or keypads.


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CCTV camera kits comes with DVR (Digital Video recorders) which records the video captured by the camera into a storage device. Real time recording makes it simple and easy to track and play back prior recordings.

We at Camtect Security Solutions offer DVRs at affordable prices.Other then normal DVR,We have different types of DVRs including mobile DVRs and combo DVRs which can be used according to your requirements.

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Network Video Recorder(NVR)

NVR or Network Video Recorder is a software program based on internet protocol (IP)  on a network which can be  controlled remotely through a LAN (Local Area Network) or through Internet. NVR's function includes  synchronized recording and remote access of live video sequences from an IP Camera and recording it to a hard disk or other storage device in a digital format .

NVR systems do not have a dedicated monitor and keyboard. All viewing and controlling of the NVR takes place remotely through internet or network.


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